back... toothbrushi and toothpicks

while out on an afternoon stroll, yoga bob and rasta toothpick (RT to his friends mon) unknowingly wander into a shady part of town.

mr. crock e. dial casts a wary glance at the smiling intruders on his front lawn.

just as mr. dial opens his mouth to ask what all the smiling is about, bob sees him and leaps in fright. eek!

RT sees bob land in horrible peril and rushes off to find help.

he quickly returns with Ruby Tee and Oral-Bee: the less wildly popular, but no less super, cousins of the superhero toothbrushi.

they quickly get to work, holding open the gaping jaw so yoga bob can escape.

RT fusses over bob, worried that he was hurt in the ordeal, but accomplishing nothing more than tickling him with his fancy dreads. meanwhile, our heros have a little chat with mr. dial...

...who turns out to be a right nice chap and offers to give them all a ride home.