back... bob visits andrea in morlupo

One fine fall afternoon, yoga bob was invited to go play in the converted monastery of Morlupo. Gladly!

Upon arrival he was taken on a tour of very powerful artwork. Psychedelic religious photography montages. Rough textured solid steel frames. All very gothically in tune with the vaulted ceilings, the crackling fireplace and the country dogs howling outside.

Then, all of a sudden, a medieval robot of some glass-wire sort unexpectedly picked bob up and carried him around triumphantly.

It wasn't until the creature put bob down in a fabulous crystal tower that our stretchy friend realized what a treat this adventure was turning out to be...

bob's host Andrea even treated him to a pricelessly executed Bach concert. With definitely the sweetest sounding guitar that bob has ever laid on.

Sometime later that fine soiree, bob was seen receiving a tickle-itious amethyst treatment.

As far as we can tell, he's still there.

He never does return from the good adventures...