back... wild honduran wildlife

bob's recent trip to Honduras was quite an exciting expedition. Almost toooo exciting if you consider the close calls he had with wild creatures of all sorts. One particular day stands out above the rest...

The day began with a thrill when bob fell into a hole in the ground. His friends lowered a stick into the hole to hoist him out. Boy was he holding on tight. Just as he thought he was out of trouble a terrifying TARANTULA grabbed a hold of his waist and legs and tried to pull him back into her dank underworld!!! eeeeek! Much yanking both ways and even more solid nerves on bob's part eventually got him out of the grasp-n-hole all in one piece. Long breath of relief....

Later that day, bob was climbing around a tree when he found himself in the midst of a wasps nest. Fortunately enough, the wasps crawled around him and found him unthreatening enough not to sting him. Amazing what a well-timed smile can accomplish.

The adventure-packed day reached its climax when bob was snatched out of his holiday haze by a terrifying red macaw parrot. Struggle struggle struggle ensued as he desperately tried to stretch himself out of this scenario.

Eventually, the Great Macaw Council decided to reward him for his cute smile and his strong resistance. Not only did they let him go, but they made him an honorary member of their community. yoga bob decided was so enthralled by their vibrant colors that he is still living amongst them.