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yoga bob(tm) has frequently been the muse behind creative inspiration. more storytelling with bob and digital photography can be found in his seriousilly adventures.

Our wonderful logo was designed and very generously contributed by fleurri weurri design.

++++++ bob-art digital photography by heidi ++++++

1. one bob
2. bob one
3.alpha bob
4. bob-o-light
6. feel no heat
7. twinkle bobz

other significant moments...
fairy glow
transcending pain

++++++ bob-art poetry by yoga bob(tm) ++++++

bob  h a i k u

Jjiggle  wiggle  jig.
Wig wig, jigggle jiggle wig.
Wiggle, jig jiggle.

++++++ alternate logo for bob's site - yoga babe! ++++++

++++++ bob-art drawing by one of bob's friends ++++++

++++++ bob-art flash animation by Edible ++++++

Please share your bob-art. This could be anything like an inspirational story of how he made someone`s day, to pictures, collages, poems and scientific experiments.