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Have you noticed more yellow lately?
Have you noticed that a particular yellow fellow is beginning to take over our spare time, our un-spare time, and possibly even our collective consciousness... but more delightfully: our imagination!?!? As busy as we wondering what he will be doing next, we occasionally reflect upon his blessed origins...

where does yoga bob (tm)come from?

Speculations run rampant, and we are left with a handful of urban legends and theories and historical moments of bob glory (and some difficult times as well).

Some of the most widely circulated rumours are...

...that we are indeed yoga bob's seed on this planet and he is finally here to claim it back. Which leads us to yoga bob as existing in his present form in the sea of protoplasm that preceded life; the stuff that planets are made of. Basically he's from beyond our imagination. Our most effective attempt at tracing his origins can only go as far as the moment in which he entered each of our lives.

...that back in the dark ages, a indigenous tribe in the south pacific rescued from the sea a yellow stretchy smile-man and made him their god for ages to come.

...that some ancient Chinese texts descibe a small smiling yellow monk as far back as the early days of glory at the Shaolin temple. Apparently he posessed incredible flexibility and stretchiness.

Rumour mill has it that yoga bob seemed to have stretched himself too far in the mid-80's (didn't everyone?). At the time the question was: is he going to bounce back? Yes indeed he did!

Do you have any theories about all this? Have you combed the annals of history and found traces of this magical entity in places unkown to the rest of us? If you have secret information, do tell us.