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yoga bob loves to travel and run amok. Quick at getting himself into the most entertaining (and at times troublesome....) situations around, he attracts friends like moths to a lightbulb. If you're reading this, chances are that you too have been on a seriousilly adventure with him.

++++++ adventures, storytelling, and a few legends ++++++

bye bob! *new!
passaggi... dalla fontanella a faleria *new!
spring fever
zap this mama
no war
bob's partying like a star
boboral in norway
bob gets a backhoe
bobs and friends in italy
giocando a porta portese
sunday in the park
quien es yoga bob?
latest sighting: Morocco!
watch out for the GOOP!
In the laboratorium of the Doctors of Pain
toothbrushi and toothpicks
hot date with Ulala
terrifying honduran wildlife
bob goes for a spin
medieval in morlupo
bob and the tortoise
looking for bob in Rome?
shrunken bob
bob gets his black belt!
the fall of seattle

++++++ a picture says a million smiles (moments & places) ++++++

all bobs are different
my country home
flux bob
small trees for small folks
l'hanno sepolto vivo!
bob gets buried alive
sushi spot, san francisco
hanging in the isle of the knights of malta
visiting a coffee plantation
hiding in Morocco!
reaching the top of Mt. Cervinia (Alps, Italy)
le desert, Black Rock City
cloud surfing
reading Francesco Petrarca pine over Laura

++++++ bob's friends ++++++

kicking it in brooklyn
intellectualizing in london
ladidaaaaaa serenade
getting drunk in in Amsterdam!
bonding with blue dog (rainbow grocery, seattle)
purple bunny and his entourage (quantum martial arts, seattle)
this pink lady and bob *definitely* have something going on...
boingy! boingy! boingy! bouncing with tigger!
walking the streets of rome with some scruffy gladiator
bob and sai baba shrug at the seriousilliness of it all
bob seeks protection from a powerful gargoyle friend
riding with t-smooth
bob and !AK! hike to the top of the world

* = new!