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Date: 07/26/2004
From: Vic
To: claudia

Hey CMA,
We just got the Bobs (thank you!), and Marina was SO excited.  At
first, when we gave her the open envelope, she didn't know what was
inside and was lazily digging around.  Then this big smile came over
her face and she looked at both of us and said, "Bobz?"

When we nodded "yes", she started pulling out handful after handful
and then dancing around shouting "BOBZ! BOBZ!" and then soon "OUT!

We played with them for at least an hour after that.  There will be
much Bob-fun in the future.


Date: 09/24/2003
From: 11/30/03
To: claudia

Wow! Last summer I went to an arcade and won a "yoga bob". I named him
Chuck, and he has brought joy to my life! I instantly got obsessed. He
stuck to walls, danced, stretched, and rode on the back of my
cat. ahh...good times. Tragically, after all of the playing I did with
him, he got all gooey and some of his parts started melting off =(. I keep
him in a little box, but unfortunately, he's not much fun to play with any
more. I am gonna buy lots more!! Your webpage is so cool! To tell you the
truth, I was going to make a webpage a lot like this one, but then I came
to yours and realized that there already was one. Too bad...I still love
Chuck though! I'm going to save this to my favorites.


Date: 09/24/2003
From: Josh
To: claudia

just so you entire office is currently experiencing a major yoga
bob revolution.
all work seems to have been pushed into short time periods between longer
periods of get-to-know-bob exercises.


Date: 27 Dec 2002
From: Tonya Bayne

Here's some bob pictures we took last summer boating in our pond.  :)


Date: 7 Dec 2002
From: James Buzzard
Subject: bob moments

Dear people of Bob - met Bob at a Junk-in-the-Trunk on Thursday via his
lovely friend Claudia.  My how life has changed.  Even my kids are
Bobsessed and speak of nothing but his Bobness.  Bob seems to be taking no
prisoners here.
My eternal gratitude...


Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002
From: Landon Fuller
Subject: bob invades Apple HQ

Yoga Bob has been spotted frolicking amongst the engineers at Apple HQ!

You see, I had two Yoga Bobs on my door. And they went missing. Something
had to be done about this! So indeed, I did something. I scattered yoga
bobs about the office. One went off to drive the Lego Train. Another was
caught spying into the Director's office. One was even found lounging
around on the comfortable curves of a contractor's computer.

Scattering bobs wasn't enough - I had to let people know that they should
be on the lookout. Yoga Bob had escaped! He was running loose and
rampant. They should find him and play with him!

So, I taped Yoga Bob to two "Missing! Yoga Bob! Have you seen him?" signs
and posted them around the office. This quickly inspired other engineers
to make photocopies of said signs, and so squished yoga bobs have been
spotted on missing signs all about the office!

Next week: Yoga Bob invades the rest of Apple HQ.


Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002
From: some yoga bob
Subject: this is bob speaking

hi. it's bob. remember me? you left me hanging on some stranger's 
door 2-3 days ago. well, thanks alot, pal. he took me inside and it's 
been nothing but craziness over here. first he starts calling me "dharma 
something" like i'm some old hippy then we're drinking cold tea  and 
he's asking me about a testimonial. testimonial? tea sucks, that's my 
testimonial! i need a beer, man! ok, then we go outside and he doesn't 
put a stitch of clothes on me. nothin'. i'm like totally naked out there 
and there are girls and stuff looking at me and i got nothin', like not 
even a nubbin, and i'm totally humiliated. good thing i'm not one of those 
winking bobs stark naked out there: "all show and no go," i can hear it 
now. next thing i know i'm on the ceiling and he's telling me to check out 
some crawl space. "hell no," i'm thinking, i got weak knees and one thing 
i'm not doing is crawling. "can i trust you?" he asks me. "yeh, you can 
trust me - somebody may be crawling around on his yellow butt around here, 
but it ain't gonna be me!" 


Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 
From: Burnosky, Robin
To: claudia
Subject: RE: ROME! 

On another note, I've probably distributed about 120 bobs and will be
making another order soon.  My crazy coworker put one in a bowl and 
proudly displayed and labeled it Bob's swimming pool - she put a life 
saver around his waist.  She also put one on the Olympic rings as you 
enter the office - it's on the yellow ring so it kind of blends in.  
I gave six to my friend's kid yesterday and he was screaming and 
running around with them for about an hour.  


Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002
From: Burnosky, Robin
To: claud-ee.ah
Subject: ROME! 

Hey Claudia - how was Burning Man?  I thought of you last week!  

Since we last spoke, a few of my bob highlights include one frozen in a
bottle of water in my freezer, one that I left in Independence Hall in 
Philadelphia (I tried to put one on the Liberty Bell but the guard was 
watching me) and a smiling trio in my bathroom right next to
the soap.   :) :) :) 


From: Leslie Ahern
To: heidi
Subject: hola from london
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 
I got the bobs!!! Thank you soooooo much! I brought them with 
me to the Nattjazz festival last night. Natacha Atlas, Bel Canto 
and Magnet were performing. The drummer and soundman in Magnet 
had been wanting bobs for months but I'd run out. Last night the 
drummer found one on his drum just before he started playing! He 
tied it to his symbol stick where bob vibrated through the whole 
show. The soundman put his on the soundboard where he jiggled all 
evening. "Magnet" himself (Even Johansen from Bergen/Scotland) 
met bob and wanted one too, so he got one. What a beautiful voice 
that guy has! He used to be in the Norwegian band Libido. 
Have you heard of Magnet or Libido? I guess Magnet is on the charts 
in England right now. So many people love bob here! 
Thanks again for sending all those little pieces of sunshine to 
Bergen!!! (I had to hide them from my boyfriend Heming or they'd
all be on the ceiling right now!)


Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 
From: James.Madelin
To: mccraig
Subject: yoga bob hits the big time

a gallery in london yesterday began a new installation at which little
bob bob, known to his friends as 'yoga' bob, took pride of place. piece
no. 97, he can be seen at bloomberg space on finsbury square, hand in
hand with four other bobs and their friend blue alien. a large gallery,
bob and his friends nevertheless have been rewarded with an excellent
view out of the window just to the left of the entrance.
presented to the exhibition 'what is definitely not art' by petroiusco,
yoga bob and his friends, in being 'not art' have, somewhat ironically,
finally succeeded in their unspoken quest to become art.
bob would like to invite you to see him at bloomberg space and celebrate
this new and exciting era of bobness.


Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002
From: Rebecca 
To: claud-ee.ah
Subject: Re: while i'm gone

great many thanks

here are some more bobs i thought of on the way home

billy bob

shishka bob

bibity bobity boo bob (thats a very magical bob)


I just gave my first bob away to a stranger the elevator...


Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002
From: Ron and Jolene Shelton 
To: bobsessed
Subject: bobsessed

We must have more.
My bobs came to me in an unmarked letter within a glorious package filled
with fun and adventure. Each bob has made a seriousilly impact on our
tech team and now populate the deep regions of the server room guarding
us from crackers and providing levity during those long evenings of work.


Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 
From: Jane Sebastian 
To: claudia
Subject: Incredibly bad Yoga Bob shots

Is it our ceiling, or is it Neptune's stuccoed plains?

Is that  a Yoga Bob waving from within an ornament, grinning admist the 
boughs of pine?  Or something else entirely, like an elve wearing safety 
yellow in Santa's Workshop?

Next time, photos then eggnog.


Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001
From: Genevieve Maunsell 
To: claudia anfuso 
Subject: sure thing hun

On Tuesday 22nd May 2001 I found myself in the chaotic airport lounges
of Midway airport, Chicago. Having had great adventures and a
potentially positive business trip in the awesome windy city, I was
looking forward to getting back to New York.

My plane was delayed for about 8 hours. Over that time we (the endless
cattle market of travellers and suitcases) were told one minute to go to
Terminal 2; then the next to go back to terminal 4 to find
that.....deafening loud speaker: 'Sorry passengers flying to
N.Y.C. willhave to wait for the next announcement' etc......weary and fed
up; having slugged luggage through security too many times; stopped again
and again for having weird lighting equipment that might have been a
bomb - although infact 'they' were just bored and inefficient; having stood in
a line - forever (with complaining families trying to get to funerals
and screaming children with no clean nappies) to get new check in labels
for the reserve airline flight; been given a 7 dollar food voucher by
the useless airline for a poor excuse for a cafe; no seats, only a metal
bar by the window; read the next 6 chapters of 'conversations with God'
trying to ignore the impatient travellers arguing above my head;

Christina (my new funky co-traveller girlfriend from L.A.) and I almost
in tears decided that 'yes' it was worth walking one more time (with our
'Oh so heavy luggage') to make it to THE BAR (even though we couldn't
have a civilised cigarette WITH our Gin & Tonic - for that we would have
to have the arms of Mr Tickle to reach into the humiliating glass cancer
box the other end of the terminal).

At last at the bar with our luggage piled high, Christina and I
were on our second drink. Forced to watch the T.V's most basic of all
chat shows, apparently something to do with the civilised World we
looked for entertainment. The talent at the bar was a combination
between cocky New York bankers/gangsters, red faced Texan hillbillies
and a rather shy awkward looking guy from the remote country near San Jose:

'Hey what's up, have you been waiting for as long as I have to get to
your destination?' said the conversation started. The next
topic was his very frightening looking tattoos, like something
influenced by the Greatful dead mix Goth; inscribed skulls and
Cross bones saying 'death or glory' or evoking evil things and

Aaron was on his way to give himself another tattoo, from a
talented tattoist who was part of an 'Evil' religious cult. I asked
intrigued by why he believed in all of this and he expressed pain and
uncertainty in life; because whenever he thought good things would
happen they never did....he had lost faith in life...he was giving up.

It was his Birthday that day, he had no presents, no contact with family
and his only wish was to get back to San Jose to get the next
Tattoo....desperate for identity, some kind of purpose in life....this
he said was all he could dream for.

The terminal became insignificant, the
noisy T.V. part of the furniture...all I could feel and see was this
lost and saddened young man. I listened hard and mustered up all the
positive energy I could (after all reading conversations with God - has
put me into a positive head space) then spoke optimistic things - love
happiness...expressing that all of us find these things hard to
see...feel...believe, and most of all that he was not alone.
I put my hand into my money belt
to find one last YOGABOB (a little dirty) I dipped him in a glass of
water and dried him...he bounced back bright yellow and squeaky clean.

'Aaron, open your hand and close your eyes, I've got a Birthday present
for you' I said
His face changed, smiled like a child with a new toy..he pulled the arms
and stretchy legs and then said, 'Wow, he is even smiling, that is the
greatest little guy I've ever seen, my one Birthday present, that makes
me soo happy, that has made my day, THANK YOU!'
He was very grateful for our paths crossing, we had a big hug....he
walked away smiling.

Yoga Bob inspired me to give love....and yeah he really made Aaron's

'Get Bobbed up' that's all I can say

Love Genevieve


Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000
From: Michael Bayne
To: heidi ektvedt 

[this just in]
A report from a quiet neighborhood on the outskirts of Seattle claims that
a small army of Yoga Bobs invaded the U.S. sometime around 3:45pm on
Thursday afternoon.
The Yoga Bobs were seen to be bending and stretching their way down the
sidewalk, swarming into peoples' houses and wrapping themselves around
bannisters, kitchen utensils and even unsuspecting house pets.
President Clinton was unavailable for comment but the mayor of Seattle has
complete confidence that the National Guard will be dispatched with due
haste once the situation has been confirmed.
We'll have more on this shocking invasion as events unfold.
[now here's John with the weather]


Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 
From: claudia
To: heidi ektvedt

i'm also having more fun that is imaginable
with the yoga bobs. what a monster i've created in the people around
me.... this weekend was outrageous and we must have gotten through dozens
of those creatures. i woke up sunday with a headsplitting hangover, all
the lights on in my room, naked, string of yoga bobs around my neck.
hehehe. are you having a ball with them too? is it time to put in a new
order? obsesssssssion


Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 
From: claudia 
To: heidi ektvedt
Subject: yoga robert (fwd)

from a friend...
Hello Darlin
I took Yoga Bob to work with me and he actually made me feel better about
our long days. Except now he insists on everyone calling him Yoga Robert, 
wears all black, and says he wants to direct.
Yesterday I heard him say to a grip, "It's Yoga Robert's time!"
And you know that dark curved line of a smile on his face we've grown to
appreciate? It's more of a straight line now.


Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001
From: claudia 
To: heidi ektvedt 
Subject: b-wash

apparently we have discovered in these parts of the world that it is
indeed possible to send a yoga bob through the whole laundry process and
end up with a virtually bran-spanking clean sticky bob!

caution though, a bob left to traverse the spin cycles all on his own is
likely to lose and arm or a head. he must be securely placed in a pocket
of a tea bag or some kind of breathable safe spot.

is a multitude of yoga bobs a jiggle, a giggle, or a wiggle?

yoga is the body, bob is the head. this was disocvered one night when a
de-headed yoga bob was hanging out in one room and a body-less yoga bob
head was in the other. we had 2 yoga bobs in reality. the head is not very
good at yoga though, more like making faces which doesn't count. the body
is yogaliscious, but technically it's harder to talk to it.
just some thoughts....


From: Vibeke Venema
To: "'heidi ektvedt'"
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 
Subject: Bob

we love Bob but he's not very well - lost heads all over the place - where
is his website? xx


From: Eleanor Garland 
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 
Subject: RE: Bob

Hi Heidi,
We met at Vibeke's party and you gave me a Bob, I loved him and am only
sad that that Bob has gone the way of all Bobs. Still I have learnt that even
Bobs must die. Luckily Vibeke has a spare Bob which is brightening my day,
and that of those around me, by balancing on my computer. He has many fans
and there are many who would seek to own a Bob, or even have part time
shares. Therefore I was wondering - could I become a patron of Bob? It
seems clear that I will never become as much a patron of the arts as I
would like and frankly, ensuring that you have a Bob supply would seem a more
life enhancing thing than handing a bunch of used fivers over to the Royal
Academy so that they can spend it on another bloody picture of Venice. You
made my evening, and that of many around me when you gave me a Bob so I
would be honoured if I could facilitate your next Bob batch.
What do you think?



 > From: heidi ektvedt 
 > Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 8:17 PM
 > To: Eleanor Garland
 > Subject: RE: Bob
 > dear patron of bob,
 > the house of bob has been in quiet mourning this week,
 > bob people told me i have over bobbed it and bob is no more...
 > my quest continues, for the people need and shall have more bob!
 > when the glorious day of his return is upon us
 > you, dear patron, shall be appropriately informed
 > till then...
 > ...share some of my memories
 > *h

From: Eleanor Garland 

To: "'heidi ektvedt'" 
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 
Subject: RE: Bob

Disaster! I am in mourning for Bob but will workshop my feelings with
Vibeke. I have faith. Bob will rise again.


 > From: heidi ektvedt 
 > Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2001 9:51 AM
 > To: Eleanor Garland
 > Subject: calling all patron[s] of bob!
 > happy days are here again!
 > he's back
 > and as illustrious as ever
 > although bob remedies are less needed at this time of year
 > there are still plenty of corners of this here town he brightens up
 > :o)
 > there are three more boxes of bob (one box = 14 = 140 bobs) waiting to be
 > picked up from the land of bob
 > if you're still interested in patroning the spreading of bob
 > let me know
 > and we can do some arrangy type things
 > + send me an address where i can send his yellowness
 > peace n' cheese
 > heidi

From: Eleanor Garland 
To: "'heidi ektvedt'" 
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 
Subject: RE: calling all patron[s] of bob!

oooh, what a lovely start to a week!
Yes, I am very keen to firm up my status as a patron of Bob and would 
like to purchse a box of Bobs as soon as I can. Do let me know when and
 where I can arrange the Bob handover. 


From: Eleanor Garland 
To: "'heidi ektvedt'" 
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 
Subject: RE: calling all patron[s] of bob!

Dear Heidi,
What a treat to see you and receive my Bobs. Already they are brightening
people's days all around Broadcasting House. Which frankly needs as much
brightening as it can get.


From: Eleanor Garland 
To: "'heidi ektvedt'" 
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001
Subject: friends of Bob

Bob is now spreading his joy throughout broadcasting. Many of his fans
would like to know - is there a website?
Hope you are very well and happy

Eleanor Garland
Senior Producer
BBC Factual & Learning


Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 
From: claudia
To: heidi ektvedt 

  i'm busy looking at the bobs splattered on the ceilings of
all the house and keeping them out of my beverages when they tumble


From: heidi ektvedt
To: Claudia Anfuso 
Subject: discovery # 78

today i discovered that if you leave yoga bob stuck to the ceiling for 
several weeks so that he loses his juiciness,
then pluck him from the ceiling and wash him in the washing machine on a 
warm wash,
he sticks to himself and stays that way.
this is what the bobs on top my computer look like


From: "persephone watkins" 
To: heidi
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 

ps. I nearly lost the yoga bob( why is it called a yoga bob?) and his 
seemingly invincible yellow legs are now sadly chaffed. But phew he's safe 


Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 
From: claudia
To: heidi 

the bobs are not going to come in until sometime in june, so i'm locking
all of my remainder ones up in a crystal palace.

sometimes i forget about yoga bob, then i fall in love with him all over 
again. the other day we had a blast, just doing silly things.


Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 
From: claudia
To: heidi

i went out to dinner with dad and we had an awesomly pleasant time.
at the restaurant he made me give the 2 kids at the table next to ours 3
yoga bobs, and an emergency one when the youngest kid snapped his head 
off and was about to have a fit.

oh and a little girl was crying across the street and so we gave (_i_
gave, my dad can't even look at him) a yoga bob and that startled her out
of her misery.

buona notte, clau-dee.ah


Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 
From: claudia
To: heidi ektvedt 

shit! actually, i'm an outer space messenger for yoga bob, but i suppose
you already knew that.


To: heidi
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
Subject: shiney people

Can I just say that 4 of the yoga bob family have gone traveling to 
different homes and they seem to be providining endless emusment for loads 
of different sorts of people.
One of them is doing well on the comedy curcuit with Ricky Shiface
(comedien on TV) and is soon off to Edinburgh.
Another is just back from Sweden and Paris on Management training and gots 
lots of attention.
I'm still looking for information on the other 2, but be sure they'll be 
enjoying themselves in the high life let me tell you.( I'd love to say I'm 
making this up but it's really true)



From: "Sarah Waterman" 
To: heidi
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001
Subject: Yoga Bob

Dear Heidi
I had the pleasure of meeting Aidan at a festival last weekend, who I
believe is a friend of yours.
I've taken charge of a Yoga Bob (that was attached to Aidan's necklace),
who I'm delighted to say is back with me in Cambridge. I understand that 
there are a few around the world.

Best wishes


Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001
From: Daniel James
To: heidi ektvedt 
Subject: yoga bob (fwd)

Another finds the wonder that is Bob.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 20:26:10 -0700
From: Walter Korman
Subject: yoga bob

Lisa just came up with a load of laundry and handed me Yoga Bob, fresh
and clean from the washing machine. I must have left him in a pocket
The slight dingy grayness is gone, and his skin surface is now
delightfully tacky. The only sign of damage is perhaps some slight
wear in the borders of the black ink forming his mouth and eyes.
This guy will apparently make it through the nuclear holocaust
nigh-unscathed, along with the rats, cockroaches, and pug hair.

- Walter


Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 22:20:45 +0100
From: heidi ektvedt 
To: claudia 
Subject: Re: universal spirit (indeed)

ok, ok, ok, i can't hold this in anymore.
you know when i last talked to you and you told me that you'd dreamt of a 
package or something from me with a load of yoga bobz tangled together???
a fewe days earlier i had sent you a package with yoga bobz tangled 
together -handing you a letter (see me jumping up&down & grinning and 
clapping a lot)
i got so flabbergasted i didn't say anything
and i just wanted the present to be a surprise
but now that you're at the other side of the world
you won't get it before youre back
and i just HAD to tell you...'d already got the package and was fooooling with me (see
me  raising one eyebrow and waggling an index finger, disapprovingly of


Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001
From: heidi ektvedt 
To: Claudia Anfuso 
Subject: spontaneous art

during the *moving lights* exhibition last winter, two bobs had 
accidentally sneaked into the drawer i kept the photos in.
i opened the drawer when i came home and found this

i almost became religious

-the art that happened all by itself...