Contact Yoga

The process of living is one which challenges us to come into the totality of who we are - discovering our greatest potential and practicing full self-expression in all arenas of life. As human beings one of the most significant of these growth potentials is relationship. We bring to every relationship all of who we are in our consciousness and by looking at the way we are in relationship with ourselves and each other we are given a window through which we can see and transform ourselves.

Contact Yoga brings the ancient teachings and practice of Yoga into the arena of relationship - learning new pathways of communication that are based on prana, life force, rather than old pre-programmed patters. Through letting go into the healing presence of others we regain a sense of trust, openness, and connectedness with ourselves and the other. Our partner becomes the external form through which we are able to encounter all that is complete, whole and harmonious within - and also become aware of what is incomplete and hidden from the light.

The forms of contact yoga originated out of the study of movement and the body as it expresses itself naturally. Contact Yoga draws on asanas from the various yoga traditions. Using weight, balance, counterweight, and partner inversions, we enter deeply into postures, effortlessly opening and enhancing energy flow and allowing both giver and receiver to release deep-seated emotional and physical tensions. This process is enhanced with the use of energy balancing, trigger release points, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and meditation.

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Reprinted from Contact Yoga Teacher Training Manual, by Ken Nateshvar Scott.