Fate is the natural predisposition to create preferences and patterns;
The ever-present option to openly express our true nature is Freedom.
- Liu Ming

In 2006 I had the blessing to begin my studies of Jyotish with Hart de Fouw. Jyotish comes form the Sanskrit word for Light and to put it simply (which it is not), it is the systematized attempt to read the karma, the patterns of people by the patterns that appeared in the sky at the time of birth.

Clearly it can be extremely useful to discover what a person's inherent strengths may be, or what are some of the challenges they may face, and what periods of their lives bring what issues to the forefront.

The study of time and space contributes every day to my expansion as a being and it is one of the joys of my life to share this knowledge wth others. Sometimes, simply making visible that which is invisible is what empowers the most.