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Give the gift of sunshine.

    Sun catchers make wonderful presents. We all have friends and family that could use a little more brightness in their lives. And there are always good occasions to give a simple and powerful gift.

All the sun catchers sold are guaranteed to have at least a few well-cut pieces of glass. This ensures that you will always get some multi-color action from the piece in the sun. Rainbows. A friend of mine used to call them kool-aids when he was a kid...

For purchases of pieces you have seen on this site or to discuss custom-pieces you might be interested in, please contact me.

You can always visit some of the latest creations to get an idea of the new stuff.

Select sun catchers are also usually available in these locations:

  • Milano, Galleria Jannone
  • Geneva, Ozone Design (5 Ave de Miremont)
  • San Francisco, private viewing (contact)
  • SF, Collage Gallery (1345 18th St)
  • SF, Junk in the Trunk
  • Roma , private viewing (contact)

Shipping to most all destinations is available for little extra charge. Payments are accepted through, money order, check, or money transfer. There is a 10% discount if you purchase more than five pieces.

Please note that sometimes the sun catcher you might see on this site has already been sold. The actual collection is always growing with different ideas inspired by the materials I encounter on my path. If you have any suggestions about recycled (or not) materials I should experiment with, please let me know.