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What is a sun catcher?

Sun catchers are decorative objects. When placed in direct sunlight, they act as a prism and fragment light into colorful rainbows and various shapes. The movement of the sun across the sky makes this a fluid and variable experience.

What are they made from?

Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Unique. The end-pieces (balls, finals, drops, prisms) are obtained from recycled chandeliers of all types and ages. This results in varying cuts and colors and shapes and sizes. Some are colored glass, some crystal. Some vintage and some modern cuts.

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The other items used are any combination of beads, glass beads of various sort, hand-blown beads, pewter or silver charms (celtic knots, angels, fairies, unicorns, etc), filigree charms, crystals, and chandelier bits and pieces: octagons, ovals, square stones, rosettes and stars. These elements are a collection of things I find around the world, from venetian glass to excellent modern beads from berlin to moroccan silver charms.

The various parts are held together by one of different kinds of wire. Most common is alpaca-wire, a silver and nickel alloy. Copper wire is also used. I experiment with different gauges depending on the needs of the piece. All the wire work is custom made. Sometimes, non-tarnishing silver wire is used.

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What is the inspiration behind these objects?

The power of light.

The double pleasure of contemplation of a beautiful object and the effect it produces when struck by sun rays.

Behind all this, the belief in feng shui as a practice of living harmoniously with the energy of the surrounding environment. Sun catchers fulfill this need in various ways: by energizing an area with various moving colors and light shapes; by creating a connection between a space and what lays beyond it; by providing something for your glance to rest upon.

What else?

Sun catchers make great house-warming gifts.
They all have convenient hooks that make them easy to hang.
Good for creating focus in large areas.
Varying lengths and sizes available.
Safe shipping around the world.

Featured in Elle Decor (May 2002, Italy)
Riusare o riciclare, un trend diventato moda, nato da necessita' reali: ormai sommersi da cose e oggetti, prima di gettarli definitivamente via, per scrupolo ecologico, cerchiamo di dare loro un'altra vita. Una scuola di pensiero che accoglie adepti anche tra i designer e gli artisti-artigiani piu' eclettici. Come Claudia Anfuso, ex dipendente di un Internet start-up a Seattle e ora pendolare tra Roma e San Francisco, che compone magici Sun Catcher o acchiappasole, con gocce e pendenti di cristallo rubati a vecchi lampadari, da appendere alla finestra per giochi di riflessi e rifrazioni.


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In the early morning hour, just before dawn, lover and beloved wake and take a drink of water. She asks, 'Do you love me or yourself more? Really, tell the absolute truth.' He says, 'There's nothing left of me. I'm like a ruby held up to the sunrise. Is it still a stone, or a world made of redness? It has no resistance to sunlight.

-- Rumi