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Meanwhile in the light lab ...

San Francisco, fall 2003
New inspirations

Shortly after a show I had this spring (the day after, to be precise), I stopped making suncatchers.

A combination of unfavorable personal circumstances and new lights being shed on my path led me to re-examine exactly how much of myself and my time I was investing in my creations and whether I was getting enough out of it to make it worth it.

The most direct consequence of this has been to reduce the amount of time I spend putting stuff online. No more online catalog. The inventory varies too much.

As I am still selling and trading my collection from the past year, I've grown into the desire to work only on larger scale projects. My favorite is custom installations for private spaces. This fall, I met Isa, a woman who has done some great work building mobiles out of cranes. As I've always been a fan of origami, we decided to combine our strengths.

We are now building a 23-arm mobile with crystals and origami cranes. The cranes are crafted from beautiful rice paper, of many different sizes and unique designs for each crane in the piece. The crystals used are mainly swarovski strass and one different clear end-piece for each strand/arm. The support is going to be made out of wood, apple wood it seems so far.

This project should be completed by mid-november, when my desire to roam the world fantastic is taking me to far away and exotic lands once again.

one arm/strand of the mobile


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