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Meanwhile in the light lab ...

Rome, April 1, 2002

Today I leave for a short trip to Morocco, where I hope to find good materials to work with. In the meantime, I've been experimenting with less conventional forms for my sun catchers. Frames. These are 20x20cm and make tons of light. I'm interested in creating custom frames for particularly sunny windows or spaces across a room that are hit by the light.

    Rome, March 25 2002

Put together my first pieces of jewelry using octagon crystals and charms. Fairies. The length can be adjusted to fit any individual need.

San Francisco, February 22 2002
Three Green Godesses.

I'm running out of alpaca wire so I'm using a higher gauge non-tarnishing silver wire. Not practical for heavy sun catchers. Softer than the alpaca and much easier to work with. Shinier.

The larger green end-drops have noticeable nicks in them, so I think I'm going to create a 'discount category' for all sun catchers with more imperfect pieces...


    (...later on that day)
I actually sold the above 'discount' pieces already.

Try one without the committment of purchasing an expensive one. Once in action, they sell themselves.

So I made a handful of other smaller sun catchers with some of the glass I had discarded and some of the plain pieces I have plenty of.


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