back... the fall of seattle

Being the world traveller that he is, yoga bob decided this year to experience the full beauty, transformation, and magic of fall. No better place to witness the spectrum of nature's leap towards winter than Seattle.

A sprinkle of cityness, a whole dollop of healing nature, and a tablespoon of creative friends. Here we captured bob during a few of his favorite activities ...

Pick the fanciest tree on the block (the bright red ones are particulary adapt). Climb to the top. Stretch your arms out and let yourself float and plunk and tumble and slip from wet leaf to wet leaf to wet leaf to wet leaf to wet leaf ... okay ... you get the picture.


Aren't mushrooms just wonderful to create the right ambiance for a bit 'o psyche-surgery? The more poisonous the shroom, the wider the mental stretch. Sitting legs-over-shoulders and arms-tied-around-legs, bob smiles away at the dissolution of his ego.

story-telling majik
Naturally yoga bob gets invited to the best extravaganza's. Here he is at a pumpkin-carving party, making a magical connection with a story-telling gourd from Bali named Imade Sumaradama.

The soiree progresses, the flow of universal life energy thickens, and things definitely get fiery. And a bit scary too...