back... hot date with Ulala

Last Halloween, yoga bob had the good fortune of going out on a hot date with Ulala. It was a rather exciting evening, with all sorts of spooky and strange (and not-so-strange-but-fun) experiences. Here are some highlights from the evening, in no particular order.
bob makes soft and furry friends.
Wowwing strangers with his contortionism skills.
Cracking (serious)silly jokes to make his date giggle. What a gentleman.
Scaring the living daylights out of Sideshow Bob.
To then almost getting swallowed by a frightening monster. Scary moments abound!
To top *that* off, Ulala thought about shooting him in the back just for kicks ...
... but then decided he needed a gun massage to recover from all this scariness.
A sssassssy moment with villainous Sssour Grapesss
All and all, he got stretched left and right by beautiful women. What else can you ask for?!