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Meanwhile in the light lab ...

 Rome, July 23
This spring I was busy, among other things, learning how to make stained glass objects in the Tiffany style. My final project was this green glass vase in which I incorporated some vintage suncatcher crystals.

This is a custom curtain I crafted for a client. The picture does not do it much justice, but here is a detail of what the bottom pieces look like. Each strand is made up of 40/50 individual octagons and the wire work is done in brass.

And here is a picture of a sun catcher that I made as a gift to a very particular ceramics repair shop at the corner of the street I grew up in. This is in the center of Rome and you can see the piece has been there a while from the dust it has collected in the workshop. Apparently it catches real sun rays only for a few hours a day and only in the winter months!


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