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how do i maximize my bob fun?
  1. Place yoga bob in hand.
  2. Turn imagination switch to "on".
  3. :o) say hello (o:

If this doesn`t get you started then here are some words of bobdom from those who have spent many, many hours lost in playing with him.

++++++ Things to do with bob ++++++

  • Tie his legs around your, a friend, or a stranger`s finger and observe the result.
  • A few bobs linked together makes any wrist or ankle look very bobful indeed.
    Single knots for temporary occasions and double knots for endurance.
  • 7 around your necks' sure to turn some heads
    (watch out for random strangers offering to buy them from you..)
  • He really likes to ride buttons, belts, ties, shoes, and household objects.
  • Use him as a hair tie!
  • Take him for a bike ride and watch him squiggle in the wind.
  • Definitely fling him onto a wall/ceiling and watch him stick.
    Use only fresh bobs for this one!
  • Carry a few with you and hand them out to those that make you smile.
  • Go on extraordinary dates with him and take pictures to share with the rest of us!

++++++ How to care for bob ++++++

* bob is about living in the moment *
(Which, aside from being the truth, is also our way of telling you that he does not last forever.)

The more enthusiastically he plays, the more he tends to explode with delight. He loves to pick up lint and fluffy things from your pockets, and collects dirt particles. Says it`s his way of cleaning up the world a little.

Here are some tips on how you can make him last longer:

  • Give him, or all of him an occasional soapy wash by hand, a sensorylitious experience.
  • He loves to ride the washing machine. Pop him in a sock or mesh bag so he won`t get lost.
  • NO DRIER, it`ll be a stinkingly, meltingly sad affair...
  • Avoid extended periods of direct sunlight and heat as those conditions wear him out.
  • Regular strong, but gentle stretching = ( :
  • Strong and jerky stretching`s fun but often leads to snapping of limbs.
  • Sometime his limbs break after having been tied together for a while.
yoga bob never actually _dies_. Eventually his head snaps off, his limbs get caught onto other things, or his smile just wears thin from too much loving (or pollution). When such moment arrives, we choose to 'retire' special bobs in our Great Book of Bob for posterity, along with a few words on the moments of brilliance in his life or any particular feats of courage or love. All bobs are special in their own way, and we highlight that which makes us giggle.